My teaching philosophy is driven by the familiar anthropological adage of "making the strange familiar, the familiar strange." 

Whether in the field, in the classroom, or in the virtual classroom, I aim to foster an informed understanding and respect for the variety of human experiences through time and space. I seek to provide students with high quality hands-on experiences that help relate anthropological concepts to their own lives and positions in society.

The Outdoor Classroom

Student Testimonials from the Field

"I liked Kelsey's willingness to help me understand in a hands-on way as my unit leader."

"Kelsey's enthusiasm and lithics knowledge were extremely appreciated in the field as a crew chief and in camp. Plus, her attention to detail has made me a better archaeologist."

"Kelsey was incredibly effective at explaining, demonstrating, guiding, and enabling.

"Kelsey was a hands-on, engaging leader; kind and fun to work with"

The Indoor Classroom

Student Testimonials from the Classroom

"Ms. Hanson was excited to teach us and made understanding and participating easy and interesting."

"I really liked Kelsey. She was super helpful whenever I reached out to her and she led our discussion very well, covering all the material completely and making sure everyone was on the same page." 

"Kelsey was very enthusiastic about the course. She shared her experiences in the field, as well as giving the interested students tools to get more involved. Great at communicating and giving feedback." 

The Virtual Classroom

Student Testimonials from the Virtual Classroom

"I've never had a professor that grades my work and responds to it within a day or two of me submitting it."

"Ms. Hanson's responsiveness and the amount and quality of the feedback is impressive."

"The amount of feedback is great and it is very helpful!"

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